carpet cleaning

Capture is a dry powder cleaner that is hard on stains and soft on rugs, developed by Milliken, a long time carpet manufacturing company. Most carpet makers recommend this dry power cleaning method over steaming to extend the lifetime and to better maintain your carpet.  It will not remove or damage the stain-resist treatment, unlike steam cleaning that can completely eliminate these protective treatments with just one cleaning, leaving your carpet more vulnerable to get dirty faster. Capture is great for removing spots or cleaning an entire room. Seeing is believing, so stop in for a free sample and test it for yourself. Want to clean all your carpets? We offer a rental package to help with the bigger jobs. Cleaning is done in just 4 easy steps.


1. Lightly spray Capture Pre-Mist on the stain / carpeting.

Pre-Mist is a liquid spray solution that was made to loosen up tough set-in stains.


2. Sprinkle Capture Cleaning Powder and cover the selected area.

The Cleaning Powder is made up of thousands of tiny, porous particles. Just like a sponge it sucks up and adheres to dirt, stains, odors, and even allergens.

3. Activate the powder by lightly brushing it in and then let sit for 30 minutes.

4. Vacuum it up and your done!