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Vacuum Performance

A toaster toasts the same way for its whole life.  Your garage door opener opens like it always did.  You’ve probably noticed, though, that your vacuum doesn’t seem to do as good a job as It did when it was new.

Primarily, this is due to stretching of the belt that drives the brushroll, as well as progressive clogging of secondary filters and over time, wear on brushroll bristles.  Most vacuums benefit greatly from a checkup every 2 years, where all these items are addressed, and the vacuum is given a general inside-and-out cleaning.

There are certain maintenance issues that you can do yourself, like changing the belt. Most belts stretch every time you vacuum. For best performance and an average cost of $2 to $3 its worth changing every 4 to 6 months.  Some are more difficult then others to change (the vacuums we sell are quite easy and we show you how at point of purchase). Also while you have the brushroll out clean up hair and threads that wrap around the brush-roller and pulleys. Some vacuums have a geared belt that do not stretch and only need replacing when they break. However these vacuums are less forgiving when something gets stuck in the brushroll, and more difficult and costly to replace.

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