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Hide-A-Hose, the retractable hose central vacuum system, is the new solution to the longtime disadvantage of central vacuum systems — the need to carry and store the hose.  With Hide-A-Hose, the hose is stored inside the vacuum pipe, and is pulled out of the wall inlet.  Pull out 10 feet and do a quick cleanup, or pull out 50 feet and vacuum the whole house!  In a traditional central vacuum system, any hose longer than 30 feet becomes too cumbersome to carry and store, so inlets are placed around the house to allow full coverage with 30 feet of hose.  Hide-A-Hose allows the use of hoses up to 50 feet long, which means typically half the inlets of a conventional system are required.  You can vacuum up to 2,300 square feet from one centrally located Hide-A-Hose inlet!

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The professionals at Wehrli’s will tailor a Hide-A-Hose system to you and your home, ensuring that you get fantastic suction and decades of reliability.  Hide-A-Hose has even proven itself in commercial applications, such as vet centers, offices, and retail stores.  Several different accessory packages are available with Hide-A-Hose, designed to clean all types of carpet and hard floors as well as above-the-floor cleaning.

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