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Sanitaire vacuums are the choice of cleaning professionals nationwide who demand a simple, uncomplicated design, excellent down-deep cleaning power, and longevity.  Even commercial users who use their Sanitaires day in, day out for hours at a time routinely get 10 years or more of service. Residentially they traditionally last over 30 years, with very low maintenance and repair costs over the life of the vacuum.

Traditional Uprights


The workhorses of the Sanitaire line, these uprights do one thing and do it superbly — deeply clean all types of carpet.  Wehrli’s has been selling Sanitaire uprights just like these for over 30 years, and many of the first ones sold are still in regular use.  These are best paired with a Sanitaire canister for hard floors, upholstery stairs, and other jobs which are best handled with attachments. Sanitaire vacuums also come with a great warranty! Depending on the model you receive a 2 to 5 year warranty on parts and labor and a 2 to 10 year warranty on base and motor. Wehrli’s proudly services all vacuums we sell.

Compact Canisters


A canister vacuum doesn’t have to be heavy and cumbersome.  Sanitaire’s compact canisters are very lightweight, yet incredibly powerful to tackle the most difficult cleaning chores.  Many people use a Sanitaire canister as their only vacuum for rugs, hard floors, upholstery, stairs, dusting, automobile cleaning, etc. — but if you have thick, difficult to clean wall-to-wall carpeting, then a Sanitaire upright would make a fantastic pairing to one of these canisters.



DuraLite, the newest addition to the Sanitaire line, solves the problem of how to make a vacuum lightweight, yet powerful.  In the past, the most powerful and durable vacuums were also the heaviest, owing to large motors and steel or aluminum components.  Sanitaire has combined a high-performance motor with magnesium components for a vacuum that cleans brilliantly, yet is very lightweight at only 11 pounds.  And just wait until you push it — special brushroll and wheel bearing designs make the DuraLite feel like it’s self-propelled.

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